Understanding Herpes and The Treatment

Genital herpes is one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease (STD), caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV).

Due to its common-disease-like symptoms like cold sores or fever blisters, it makes the victim unaware of its infection, thus almost always goes unnoticed.

Mechanism of the spread of Herpes Simplex Virus 

The herpes simplex virus enters the skin or mucous membranes through microscopic breaks in it. Genital herpes passes from one person to another through sexual contact.

Once the virus finds its way through the skin, it travels along the nerve paths and might become inactive in the nerves and remain there indefinitely.

This virus may become active form time to time and travel along the nerve paths to the skin’s surface, shedding additional virus.

Signs and Symptoms of a Genital Herpes Virus Infection

The signs and symptoms of the Genital herpes virus mainly depend upon the type of virus the person is affected by.

Genital herpes is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus-2. Any type of sexual contact with the genital area will cause Genital Herpes.

The initial infection or the prodormal stage symptoms appear within 2 to 10 days and may include :

+ Fever, 

+ Body aches and

+ Swollen lymph nodes. 

The asymptomatic stage symptoms include:

+ Itching, 

+ Painful ulcers and/or blisters in the genital area and

+ Burning or tingling sensations on the skin.

Relation between Genital Herpes and Diabetes 

One major causes of Herpes Simplex Virus Infection is related to diabetes.

If a person is diagnosed with diabetes or is at a risk of the condition or has a family history of diabetes, he/she is more likely to get affected by Herpes simplex virus.

Also, a person with HSV infection has a greater chance of being diabetic.

When diabetes goes unchecked and the glucose level of the body is extremely high, any illness becomes more difficult to fight off.

As the type 1 and type 2 diabetics have a weak immune system, they can contract Herpes Simplex Virus.

Thus this infection is common in people with type 2 diabetes.

In short, if a person is diagnosed with Genital herpes and is treated, then his immune system will react properly in maintaining the glucose level of the body, curing diabetes.

Treatment of Genital herpes  

Although Genital Herpes is incurable, effective and proper medications can not only treat the symptoms and control outbreaks but also prevent recurrence.

Homeopathic medicines are the most competent treatment options for Genital Herpes.

It also gives a natural and holistic approach in curing a person by using minute doses, administered orally that provides lifelong prevention, rather than eliminating a particular symptom through local or external medication.

It is not a suppressive therapy but a curative one.

Therefore, homeopathic medicine is strongly recommended for Genital Herpes cure as they keep a regulatory check on the glucose level of the body as well, reducing the chance of diabetes.

Many effective homeopathic medicines are used to cure a patient of genital herpes with altered glucose level. These medicines cure genital herpes and diabetes as well. Some of these are –

+ Natrum Mur

+ Hepar Sulphur

+ Lycopodium 30c

+ Mercurious Solubilis

+ Arsenicum Album

+ Medorrhinum

+ Calcarea

+ Anancardium

+ Tellurium 

+ Petroleum Causticum, etc.

Natrum Mur is the most effect homeopathic medicine for Genital Herpes in males and female.

It cures blisters on the scrotum, between the thighs, reduce itching and crawling sensation, vesicles forming on genitals leaking a clear watery discharge and the intense itching in herpetic eruptions.

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It has a special influence on the skin, especially on and/or around the mouth, on eyes and arms, chest, genitals, nape of neck, knuckles and bends of elbows & knees.

It is effective for people with greasy and unhealthy skin.

It cures Herpes circinatus with burning spots. Additionally, it gives relief from gnawing, itching and shooting pains which become worse from heat or warm temperature, at seashore and from high intake of salt. It is adapted for person who feels better in open air and while sweating.

Hepar Sulphur and Petroleum Causticum is a multipurpose homeopathic medicine that treats herpetic sore or ulcers on genitals and regulates the insulin mechanism of the body, preventing diabetes.

As genital Herpes mainly affects face, hands, bends of knees and elbows and the genital regions this medicine cures them all, especially the left side of the body.

It also cures herpes caused by abuse of mercury. It provides effective treat to people with unhealthy skin, highly sensitivity to cold.

The herpetic eruptions cause acute neuralgic pains which become worse at night, vesicles on an inflamed base causing splinter like pains, severe itching and scratching.

There is marked restlessness at night and during cold or by a mere touch and the patient feels better in damp weather or by wrapping up warmly.

This medicine is especially suited to persons with a sour body odour. Petroleum Causticum treats Genital herpes that extends to perineum and eruptions that are sensitive even to the touch of cloth.

Mercurious Solubilis has a prominent affinity for right side of the body.

It effectively treats herpes of right forearm, wrist & hand and herpes prepucialis of the right side extending across the abdomen.

It relieves itching which changes to burning on scratching and shooting pain that becomes worse at night or in cold damp weather.

It cures herpetic eruptions, surrounded by small pimples and rashes. Herpes has a tendency to spread more in people with profuse sweating.

It is also used to strengthen the immune system, nervous affections after suppressed discharges especially in psoric patients and Glandular-scrofulous affections of children.

Arsenicum Album is suitable for patients who feel worse after midnight and get affected by cold in any form but feels better by warmth.

If the lips, the face and intercostal regions are affected with intense burning sensation in the blister, this medicine provides the best remedy.

It provides relief to the patient who feels very thirsty and gets prostrated easily with rapid sinking of the vital forces leaving the person fainted due to low glucose level of the body.

There are various homeopathic medicines that target multiple causes and treat multiple disorders simultaneously. Homeopathy treats the person completely and uses complimentary medicines that not only cure the targeted disease but also the other secondary diseases that are most likely to affect a person.

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