The Derek Jeter Herpes Story

The Derek Jeter Celebrity Herpes Saga

Derek Jeter seems like a pretty decent guy who is probably harmless. Word has it though that this captain may have spread herpes all over the place to a good number of people.

Does this mean that the large Jeter Herpes tree is his one great legacy? To say that this tree is large is not an exaggeration since even celebrities are in this number. People like Vanessa Minnilo, Jessica Biel and Scarlet Johansson are said to have contracted Herpes from one Derek Jeter.

Why does Derek Jeter’s Herpes tree continue to grow?


It is a great fact however that these celebrities do not let the illness or the stigma associated with it defines them or their careers. They continue to soar, despite their conditions. The big question however is; why does Derek keep on spreading this disease without any form of repercussions?


Should there not be legal or even societal consequences for this act?

And another big question is; why do these seemingly sweet ladies like Jessica Alba fall for this? After all, Derek Jeter is well known for spreading herpes, apart from his other exploits.

Was it a sex without protection thing?

Or was it an oral thing? Can it be safely said that Derek Jeter’s Herpes tree will be the greatest legacy he leaves behind?

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Many people happen to have Herpes, since sex is not the only way that it is spread.

In fact, some forms of research have stated that two out of five women have herpes.

The only problem is that when one is a celebrity, this disease becomes a well known fact and one cannot possibly hide it from the public.

Genital sores have affected great celebrity musicians like Britney, and the flawless Kim seems not to be as flawless also.

Why everyone is still falling for Derek Jeter despite his infection?

The answer to the above puzzling questions is that Jeter is a person who even though has herpes, does not really care. Long before Derek and Jennifer Aniston started dating, the rumor was already out that he has Herpes. By then he played for the New York Yankees.

He has dated several celebrities such that it is safe to say that he is a serial celebrity dater. Articles on the internet, Reddit for instance state that Derek reportedly has weird bedroom habits and has indeed infected many of his ex-girlfriends with the infection.

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Another reason as to why lovely ladies like Mariah Carey and Jessica Biel were still fooled could be that herpes happens to be a disease whose symptoms are mostly hidden or if there, very minimal. Jessica Alba’s ex-boyfriend Cash Warren had reportedly said that he used to get Jessica her Valtrex prescription on a regular basis.

Other celebrities with Herpes

Since the beautiful Jessica Alba revealed that she has Herpes, the list of other celebrities spread to the public like wildfire. There are many other celebrities who happen to have this virus, but according to the R2 list, Jeter should be named the king pin of the disease.


His history is notorious for this fact, and it is a shame that the celebrated and very attractive Hannah Davis was also Derek’s victim. Sites like R2 have long lists of celebrities with Herpes. The list is really long, numbering to about 52, and from the look of it, not many people were excluded from it. It feels like everybody’s name is in it and Derek is the main suspect for the increase of this list.

Celebrity Herpes – The Derek Jeter STD Horror

Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carrey, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Alyssa Milano may not have a lot in common at the first glance.

Well, apart from being A list celebrities and beautiful women, it seems that they indeed do not have many things in common and one would have to dig really hard to find some correlation between them – apart from the fact they’ve all dated Derek Jeter.

And, they’ve all had herpes!

According to some reports, the Yankees icon and one of the most famous Hollywood heart breakers, Derek Jeter gave all of these women (and, presumably, many more) herpes. - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site! – the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!

Some tabloids even went as far as calling him a “sex terrorist” and dubbing the entire saga as “The Derek Jeter STD Case”. But, is there really any truth to these claims tabloids have been making for years?

It only gets wors for Derek. The man has also dated Adriana Lima, Hannah Davis, Minka Kelly, Vida Guerra, Bridget Hall and countless other Hollywood A and B list beauties.

One can’t help but wonder; how many non-celebrities has mister Jeter dated over the past couple of decades?

This is where even the trashiest tabloid papers are raising concern and coming up with schemes, drawings, “herpes trees” and other ways of getting to the bottom of the Derek Jeter herpes epidemic.

They are connecting the dots. After all, since he gave these poor women herpes, haven’t they since slept with other men? And haven’t those men slept with other women too?

This is the main reason this unconfirmed herpes rumor has stuck for so long. Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe not. If Derek’s irresponsible behavior has indeed caused a herpes epidemic in Hollywood, doesn’t he need to face the music and come clean?

If all of these A list celebrities got herpes from him, wouldn’t they have confirmed it was indeed Derek that had given them an STD?

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Will the Saga Continue?

So many questions and very few answers. It seems like this story is surrounded by mystery and perhaps that’s what makes it so interesting.

The fact that reports about The Derek Jeter STD horror have been coming from all over the place and originate from quite a few different sources might give at least some credibility to the alleged rumors.

However, the fact that almost all women who have been involved with Derek Jeter at some point seem to have also been rumored to have herpes, does say something.

And no, it does not confirm Derek Jeter gave them herpes, but it definitely does pose a few questions and, if you will, moral dilemmas.

How prominent is sexually irresponsible behavior in Hollywood and among A-list celebrities?

If these rumors aren’t true, why aren’t they denying them?

If Derek Jeter didn’t spread herpes all over Hollywood, why isn’t he coming clean and denying the rumors?

Does this mean the Celebrity Herpes saga will continue?

It most probably will and we can’t say we didn’t see it coming.

Perhaps we will witness a huge scandal, one we haven’t seen in a long time or maybe nothing will come out of all this. - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site! – the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!

It’s hard to tell at this point, but one thin is for sure – if Derek Jeter and the women he has been involved with don’t confirm or deny these rumors they will only keep growing.

And, once they grow too much they might just explode in everyone’s face.

Hollywood is indeed a place of mystery and A-list celebrities, even though seemingly humble and down to earth, do have a few skeletons in the closet. Herpes seems to be Derek Jeter’s skeleton in the closet.

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  • Peter Flynn

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    That pig had sex with all those actresses while he knew he had it. The scumbag and unfortunately I’ve got similar experience with my ex wife. If I hadn’t accidentally seen the scars which look like nothing else and if I hadn’t noticed them she wasn’t going to ever tell me about it. Disgusting and I filed on her not long later and regret? Nah I gave her the most beautiful little boy in the world who’s my spitting image so genetically and not just appearance I got him. My little guy is really a smaller me!! And my new love Poline is my Polish/American goddess and we’re getting married!! And by the way the disease is so common now and I’ve had another ex tell me about it before we had sex and my exes usual answer in any plane we flew or our relationship of I don’t know was the biggest passive aggressive insult ever but here’s to true love!! YAYYY AND FROM HER FATHER WE’RE GOING TO INHERIT MILLIONS! Sure wish I could have met the man. And she really is a goddess too and here’s a photo. Ciao all……….

  • Jim Morrison

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    I am trying to figure what women find that attractive about the Guy. As I would say he’s not traditionally Good Looking really at all. I mean he is not ugly. But not a hand some Dude either by any means.


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