How To Deal With Genital herpes Today 2017

The herpes simplex virus or the HSV-2 causes genital herpes. It is a sexually transmitted disease, and most often people have no symptoms or minimal symptoms of this disease.

The most common appearance of the sore is blisters or ulcers around the genital area and the rectum. These blisters may break and live tender sores and ulcers in the genital area.

Healing of this ulcers or blisters usually takes four weeks, and another outbreak may occur after a few weeks or months after the first onset of the infection.

Thus, the cycle continues, this is because once a person is infected with genital herpes, it cannot be healed and the virus stays with you forever.

However, there is genital herpes cure that can help you in the management of herpes. These oral antiviral medicines are dedicated to treating this kind of disease.

These genital herpes cures are mostly suppressant and episodic drugs that aim in controlling and preventing the recurrence of the herpes virus.

The cause of genital herpes is a virus known as the herpes simplex 2.

When it appears on the human body, it is located near the vagina, penis and rectum. It can also come from another form of herpes called herpes simplex 1, more widely known as cold sores or fever blisters on the mouth.

The main transmission of genital herpes is that a person can become infected with genital herpes by sexual contact. One partner may have it and pass it on to the other without realizing it.

The partner who was uninfected, at the point of intercourse, may be infected. The virus can be passed on to another partner even if no sore or ulcer is present.

Aloe vera, lemon analgesic also called Melissa and licorice have been proven as genital herpes cure 2017 as they to have an antiviral impact.

Aloe vera is connected on the bruises and produced inside for the antiviral results. By applying Melissa to beginning episodes, this solid lemon salve concentrate can keep a repeat or speed recuperating.

What’s more, its antiviral properties, licorice additionally has glycyrrhizin, with is a steroid like a saponin that reduces torment and speeds recuperating.

For those who suffer the terrible effects of herpes, especially the genital kind, the best-proven cure for genital herpes is a fusion of pills and creams for the painful blisters that swell and cause deep tissue pain at the location of these unsightly lesions. Herpes, no matter the kind, is a virus that breaks down a person’s immune system.

The best antiviral medicines that are in the market today that help in genital herpes cure is:

1. Aciclovir – the first antiviral medicine that helps treat genital herpes. It can be used as episodic and suppressive treatment.

If used as an episodic treatment it help to reduce the severity of the attack like pain and itching. If used as a suppressive drug therapy this can reduce or eliminate shedding of the skin, which lessens the risk of the person, is infected with the virus to pass this virus to another person.

2. Famciclovir – this antiviral medicine reduces the recurrence of the virus when use as for episodic therapy.

It also shortens the period by which the virus is detected in the genital area thus reducing the risk of further infection. The severity of pain and itchiness and outbreaks of the disease is decreased when used as an episodic treatment.

3. Valaciclovir – It helps shorten the period of pain, itchiness, and sores during outbreaks, the sores heal faster and cuts down the outbreak as soon as the virus is detected, when used as an episodic treatment.

Clinical studies have shown that if a person has immediately detected the first onset of the virus, and take medicine within the 24 hours of the first onset, there is a great significance in the healing and prevention of ulcers in the genital area.

4. Other drugs such as Valtrex, Famvir, and Zovirax are being used as genital herpes cure nowadays.

banner500x220The following are types of genital herpes treatments according to its recurrence are as follows:

Episodic therapy.

This treatment is started at the first sign of recurrence and should be taken a few days. The treatment should be done as soon as the first sign of herpes appears.

This may be able to relieve the symptoms that go with the disease such as soreness, itching, and pain in the skin. This will also shorten the duration of the outbreak, but it has no effect on the frequency of the attacks.

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Suppressive therapy.

The treatment includes taking in maintenance antiviral drugs for a period depending on the prescription of the doctor. This way the virus may stop from replicating, it can reduce or prevent the recurrence of the virus and lessen the asymptomatic shedding.

There are some scientists today who says that the best effective home remedies for genital herpes cure may be the amino acid lysine.

This can slow down the spread of the infection and the virus itself.

Making sure your regular diet consists of the right foods can help keep this at bay. Add more yogurt, beef, fruits, vegetables to your everyday meals and avoid things such as soda, nuts, and chocolate and grain cereals.

Eating healthy foods, and those low in acid is very important. If your body takes in a lot of acids, that can help generate outbreaks more frequently than before.

Foods high in quality proteins like fish and chicken can help ensure a rich alkaline environment in your body, which will discourage the virus from growing. Fresh green vegetable, as well as yellow, along with citrus fruits are needed for that good protein also.

Some of the drugs to help in the treatment of genital herpes, the ones that send the virus deep into the body, contain a combination of powerful medications.

A mixture of antibiotics to help control the virus, an anti-fungal to help dry up the pus and keep the sores from spreading and an anti-inflammatory to help keep the skin around the blisters from swelling.

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