How Many Types of Herpes Viruses are There

One could always hope that there is only one of anything to deal with and with simple treatments, but viruses have a way of evolving to survive.

They are determined, and the herpes virus is no exception. When someone says that they have herpes or you are diagnosed with it, it all depends greatly on the condition.

Even though it does fall into a category of STDs, you can still get infected by simply making non sexual contact with others. There are many different types of herpes virus that we should look at for each condition.

Immune Deficient

However to get a better idea, we can categorize them by their cause. Here we breakdown the viruses that are seen in people with weak immune systems:

ñ Cytomegalovirus (5) – This can be passed through breast feeding, sexual contact, organ transplants and even blood transfusions. It is one of the stealthier viruses because it can impact people with healthy immune systems. We may not experience any symptoms for a while unless our immune system is compromised.


ñ  Herpes virus (8) – This type of virus seems to only show up in severe cases from aids patients who develop Kaposi’s sarcoma. This forms in the tumors which developed on their skin. It is also known to cause lymphoma.

Herpes virus

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Regular Contact

For some of the types of herpes viruses, we see that it just takes regular contact to accidentally get the virus. These are types that are contagious even if we don’t know it:

ñ  Herpes virus (7) – This is very much transferred in the same way as cytomegalovirus and it is thought that all humans already have it, because it is so common. The difference here, is that this one is known to cause a condition called roseola (rash and fever in small children)..

ñ  Herpes Simplex Virus (2) – Is commonly found around genitals but also around the mouth. This is transferred through oral sex but also from non-sexual contact as well. From the types of herpes viruses, this one is more commonly feared since they develop into cold sores.

ñ  Epstein-Barr virus (4) – This is through contact by kissing or using infected silverware and is often referred to as ‘mono’.

More Severe

Different types of herpes tests are determined by the condition, where they are either treated with ingestion of a pill or applying cream to the sores. These types of herpes virus are:

ñ  Herpes Simplex Virus (1) – This is mostly seen around the mouth and less around the genitals. But is just as infections with skin to skin contact.

ñ  Varicella-Zoster (3) – This kind of virus is present when contacting chicken pocks and will develop into shingles later in life. This can be a very painful experience.

ñ  Herpes Virus (6)Is present in smaller children because it comes from the roseola condition, resulting in fevers and rashes on children. Due to the delicate system of a child, this shows up or specific types of herpes tests, and would require immediate treatment.

We can see that the virus is determined to stay with us, but science is making great advances in finding a way to get rid of the virus.

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