Can You Have Sex With Herpes?

The majority of people (including those with herpes) tend to have the misconception that when a person gets herpes that means their sex life is effectively over. After all, as you probably know all too well, herpes is an STD and sexual contact is one of the most common ways in which it is transmitted.

While that may be true, what you probably do not know is that it is quite possible to have a very active sex life even if you do have herpes, and all it takes really is one thing: Be open about it.

Managing the Risk of Transmission

herpes-picturesWhen you are open about your condition, you can discuss it with sexual partners and agree upon ways to manage the risks – if they are open to doing so. Make no mistake, there is always some degree of risk, but properly managed it can be reduced considerably.

For starters, the use of condoms during sex has been known to decrease the risk of transmission by about 50%. The remainder risk is mostly due to the fact that skin-on-skin contact is enough to transmit the virus, and the parts of the skin that aren’t covered by the condom can still do so.

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Another method is to suppress the virus through the use of antivirals. Normally a drug known as Valtrex is used for this purpose, and while it is conventionally only used to prevent outbreaks it can also be used on a more consistent basis to decrease the likelihood of the virus being contagious.

Of course, there is also a type of natural herpes treatment that may be worth looking into as a possible solution.

Dating Partners with Herpes

Assuming your sexual partners already have the same type of herpes as you do, then there’s really nothing at risk. Be sure that you both discuss it and determine whether or not you both really have the same type of HSV or not.

If your sexual partner does not have the same type of herpes, there may be some risk involved. Generally speaking, if someone has HSV-2 then they are not very susceptible to HSV-1 so the risk is very low. On the other hand, if someone has HSV-1 they are still very susceptible to HSV-2.

Nowadays you’ll find that there are many dating websites and groups that cater towards allowing people with herpes to meet each other and socialize. In such an environment, you may even feel more at ease and find it easier to be open about your condition.

Long story short – just because you have herpes it doesn’t mean your sex life is over. With the right steps, you could still have a very healthy sex life, and even live a normal life otherwise too – including getting married and having kids. Don’t fall victim to the stigma surrounding herpes, because it really is not a death sentence, not by a very long shot.

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