AN IN-DEPTH ON GENITAL HERPES- prevent before it persists! Genital Pimples vs Herpes

Genital herpes is a lifelong sexually transmitted disease. The causative agent of this illness is the Herpes Simplex virus that comes in two distinct versions The HSV 1 & HSV 2. Genital herpes is brought about by HSV 2 transmitted through sexual intercourse.

HSV 1 however, can also cause genital herpes through oral-genital contact. Though in most cases it causes oral herpes. One not only gets infected with herpes through sexual contact but also skin contact with someone already infected with the virus.

It becomes very stressing for many people to distinguish genital pimples vs. herpes.

Genital pimples are brought along by several substances that don’t react well with your skin with your genital skin. One could have applied some oil that doesn’t match your tone or a biting from an insect.

Though the output of blisters is the same between the two infections, there is a big difference if well observed as we will discuss below.

– Skins affected by herpes are more sensitive to touch. This affected areas itch even times before infection. Unlike the genital pimples that only tend to react if prompted by contact or poking.

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– Herpes blisters are clear as they form a cluster. You find a round area that is full of blisters that are reddish then this is herpes. In the other hand, however, acne can occur alone and in rare situations as a cluster though distinguishable.

– Herpes is caused by a virus and occur on the skin surface and viewed with ease while genital pimples are caused by trapped oil within the skin or reacting substances.

– Herpes is filled up with some liquid that is clear that in future events break to form scabs, unlike acne that is filled with disgusting to look white pus.

– Herpes is present on the skin surface no profound intervention is required to see them. In the other hand-genital pimples get their roots deep down into the skin.

Herpes, like many other viral diseases tend to occur in phases till it comes out entirely.

Prodrome (stage 1) – This is casually called the warning stage before actual symptoms of the disease occur. In this stage, the virus embarks on its journey to the skin.

At this point, the virus tends to be very active as it gears towards causing the outbreak.

You are highly contagious to others and at this stage high chances of spreading to others without your knowledge are common. It can lead to vaginal discharges in women.

Some pain when you are urinating, itching and tingling in the affected area and some pain down the buttocks and legs. This stage can last up to a week.

Redness of the skin(stage 2)– One starts experiencing puffiness and redness on the skin of the affected area this stage will last a span of 4 days, and at this point also you are highly contagious.

Blisters form (step 3) – In this juncture, you experience the first signs of herpes sores. At this stage, it is easy to note blisters around the genital and as they develop they are filled up with fluids that have high virus concentration. It is a sensitive stage and lasts up to 6 days.

Lesion (stage 4) – Development of the injury prompts increase of the virus making your condition highly contagious. At this juncture, the blisters open up and release liquid.

It relays a lot of pain at times when you sit on it or pour water on it. This condition results in one to wear cotton as they shower. These blisters keep on opening for 1-4 days.

Herpes scab (stage 5) – After all fluids have drained from the blisters, scabs start forming not all cases result to clearing the scabs. Some just disappear as times pass.

This scabs can remain there for some time, and experts discourage constant contact since they can cause scarring.

Complete healing (stage 6) – this is the final stage. It comes after all scabs fall off and the blisters are no longer present. At this point, your skin is healed but appears red for some time before full cure.

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This healing can take 3-7 days, and experts advise against sexual contact to avoid a spread out of the disease.

Care begins with you, how well you take care of yourself determines how free you will be from sexually transmitted diseases. The more you stick to one partner the safer you are.

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