15 Most HERPES Inflicted Cities In THE UNITED STATES

Herpes is a common STD globally. In the United States, herpes prevalence rates are as high as 40%, with people in the 14-49 age cohort being most vulnerable. However, herpes is not only a reserve for this age cohort; any sexually active person can get infected. Any sexually active person is vulnerable to herpes. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the year 2015 released a comprehensive list of 15 Cities With the Worst Herpes rates in the U.S.


1. Norfolk, Virginia


2. Birmingham, Alabama


3. Detroit, Michigan


4. Memphis, Tennessee


5. Nashville, Tennessee


6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


7. Richmond, Virginia


8. Baltimore, Maryland


9. New Orleans, Louisiana


10. St Louis, Missouri


11. New Wark, New Jersey


12. Milwaukee, Wisconsin


13. Chicago, Illinois


14. Washington D.C


15. Atlanta, Georgia


How does herpes spread?

In these cities at least one in every six people has genital herpes. You can contract the Herpes virus by having oral, anal, or vaginal sex. There is also a significant risk of infected mothers passing the virus to their babies during the natural childbirth process when they come into contact with herpes blisters in the birth canal. The herpes virus can also move from one person to another when open skin gets into contact with open Herpes blisters.

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Symptoms and Prevention

Herpes show mild and at times no symptoms at all. The most common symptom is a series of blisters in the genital, mouth, or rectal areas. With time these blisters break leaving painful sores that take some time to heal. Skin rash is also common in people with Herpes. The best way to stay clear of deadly Herpes is wrapping it up during intercourse, and avoiding direct contact with fluids oozing from blisters of an infected person. The best way to be sure that the symptoms you have are herpes symptoms is to take a herpes test since the above-listed symptoms symbolize other infections too.

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